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Our imagination is limited to the tools we use to understand the world?

Part 1. Solution Space – Uncertainty – Strategy

“We are not short of creativity in our world, and yet most organizations struggle with innovation.” — Gary Hamel.

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Random Thoughts On Maturing Companies and Start-Ups. When Do You Need a Reset?

In an interesting conversation with clients this week the discussions were around the question: “should companies plan for the distant future (10 years and beyond) and what is needed to get out of a death spiral where a slow death is in the making?”

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There Is a Difference Between Business Turnaround and Business Transformation. It Is Easy To Tell Which Is Harder

All companies go through some kind of crisis at some point but what does it take to get out of it? There aren’t many successful turnarounds in large companies and the bigger the company and the longer the history, the more difficult it is for any turnaround and its success rate is lower. 

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Tell Your Change Story

When you're ready to make or introduce a change in your organization, how do you tell employees about it? Or do you?

Last week, I wrote about some research that McKinsey did on organizational transformations. One of the findings was that communication is key to a successful transformation. (This seems to be a no-brainer, but you'd be surprised.)

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Successful Transformations: The Ugly #CX Duckling

How's your customer experience transformation coming along?

I'm sure you've heard (or recall)  Hans Christian Andersen's story, The Ugly Duckling. If not, here's a quick refresher: 

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Five Deadly Mistakes of Organization Transformation That Leaders Must Avoid

So you are ready to transform your organization? You want your organization to leapfrog the industry? You want to deliver above industry average growth? And do you know what are the most common mistakes that leaders and even very smart and experienced leaders make? The most common one is sticking with the usual way, the easy way and the proven way.

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What Does It Take To Generate “Total Customer Satisfaction”?

Let’s assume that you are a member of the leadership team for your organisation. Circumstances are such that you decide that your organisation needs to focus on customers and generate “total customer satisfaction” on the assumption that satisfied customers buy more of your stuff at higher prices thus generating higher profits. How would you go about it? What approach would you take?

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George Orwell’s Insights Into Customer Service, Customer Experience, and Customer-Centricity

What Is The Weak Point Of Many Organisations?

In a few days I had grasped the main principles on which the hotel was run …….

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Networked Norms: How Tech Startups and Teen Practices Challenge Organizational Boundaries

At the ASTD TechKnowledge conference, I was asked to reflect on networked learning and how tomorrow’s workers will challenge today’s organizations.

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Say Goodbye to the Organisational Hierarchies Please

Post by: Sigurd Rinde

It all started by John Tropea's post, then the discussion moved onto Google+.

My first comment was "I'm still puzzled why all still accepts "organisational hierarchies" as a given... after all they're nothing but frameworks for work processes, of the push kind mostly, based on technology like quills, whips and shoe leather."

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