The “Internet of Useless Things” or IuT Is Everywhere. Not Every Player Has a Plan.

The CES is a good one this year. Everywhere is IoT. And honestly I am little tired of hearing IoT or “Internet of Things” which is estimated to become a $7 trillion industry where thermometers, clocks, garbage cans, toilets, washing machines, watches, smart phones, fridges, baby monitors, garage doors and coffee makers are all connected digitally, allowing seamless interactions and smart living for us. Sensors are cheap and can be deployed everywhere collecting data, unnoticed. 

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Big Data in retail banking – the opportunities and challenges

Written by Helen Trim.

There’s a lot of buzz about big data in the retail banking sector right now as all the major banks work out how best to bring new unstructured data sets (such as social data and mobile data) together with transactional data in order to improve customer experience, become more competitive and drive growth.

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Measuring Our Way to Future Success

Are our blinders keeping us from seeing new opportunities, and / or following our customers as they move on online? How are we measuring online activities, and is this limiting our perspective.

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Missed Opportunities

Outside – The Future Is Not in Front of Us… V.1

We often talk about the future as something linear, directly in front of us. We are giving ourselves the impression that we are operating within some kind of limited space, where in order to make room for new stuff, old stuff has to disappear – or be killed.


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The Retail Opportunities Resulting from the Surge in Type 2 Diabetes

The first part of this video talks about the retail opportunities, in American (and Europe), that result from the  rise in Type 2 Diabetes.

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Lack of Community Management Is “a Huge Missed Opportunity for Brands”

Guest Post by: Mark Jennings

Brands are learning and applying a more focused and disciplined approaches to their social assets, the November 2010 ComBlu report finds.

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Stuff You Know, but Don't Know You Know

For all the talk of the momentous changes in media and marketing that we are living through, I felt there was a need to speak up for what I believe may be the greatest opportunity that businesses will have over the next few years to deliver real value back, accumulate not just knowledge but wisdom and understanding, and to recognise the huge opportunity we have to do things quantifiably better than we do now. So I penned a leader for the good people at Marketing Week on the subject, and they've kindly allowed me to reproduce it here in full:

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New Business Opportunities in Retail

Digital’s introduction to retail, be it a slow one, will accelerate as the understanding of the width of web and mobile broadens from being all about destinations, to integration into every aspect of business:

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Rethink Your Business

To Survive, the Fitness Industry Must Rethink Fitness” is a piece Club Industry, the magazine for fitness business professionals, asked me to write.

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