Why You Are a Complete Idiot If You Don’t Google Yourself

The other day, I read a story at Fast Company titled Why You Should Google Yourself And Not Feel Guilty About It. I agreed with the reasoning of the author, Lindsay Lavine (@lindsaylavine), but was slightly puzzled by the “guilty” part.

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Don’t Mess with the Herd!

Guest Post by: Laszlo Kövari

One guy says Zuckerberg is totally wrong about identity (for whatever reason); then tons of other guys say: how could he be wrong with $75B (or whatever it maybe at this time) valuation?…or: I wish I could be so wrong, etc.

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So Wrong They're Right

NASA and an assorted bevy of astronomers and biologists recently admitted two mistakes of epic proportions: there are three times as many stars in the sky than they'd thought, and there's life on Earth based on elements that we didn't believe life could be based upon anywhere in the Universe, let alone here.

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