Help Me Find Innovative Practitioners Who Address Online Safety Issues

I need your help. One of our central conclusions in the Internet Safety Technical Task Force Report was that many of the online safety issues require the collective engagement of a whole variety of different groups, including educators, social workers, psychologists, mental health experts, law enforcement, etc. Through my work on online safety, I've met a lot of consultants, activists, and online safety experts. Through my work as a researcher, I've met a lot of practitioners who are trying to engage youth about these issues through outright fear that isn't grounded in anything other than myth.

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Brand Threat Management in the Age of Cyberscamming

by: Joseph Mann

Is the soft global economy eroding brand value? A new study by the CMO Council seems to say so. Their global audit of 306 marketers titled "Protection From Brand Infection" reports that trademark infringement and brand knockoff artists are moving increasingly online.

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8 Tools for Online Reputation Management (ORM)

by: Yann Gourvennec

Managing one’s online reputation has become a must. It is absolutely unthinkable for anyone who wants to make a professional appointment to leave a photograph on one’s facebook profile in which he or she is holding a glass of champagne and assuming weird poses (and God knows I came across quite a few counter examples).

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New Year's Top Resolution: Managing Your Online Reputation!

by: Christian Smagg

Well, 2009 has arrived, along with the New Year's resolutions and the ever-present pundit predictions. Now that we're on the other side of the New Year, I thought I would share my thoughts on what I feel should be one of the companies' top priorities - and probably their number 1 resolution for this year: Efficiently managing their online reputation.

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Peer to Peer Lending

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Spring Classes!

by: Nancy Baym

I’ve finished up the syllabi for the two classes I’m teaching this semester.

I’m teaching an undergraduate course called Communication On The Internet. The sections of the course outline correspond to the chapters of my book Personal Connections In A Digital Age, which I hope will see the light of day around this time next year.

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Predicting Viral Video Success

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The Futurelab 100 - 4th Edition (2008)

What would you prefer if you were an A-brand? To be considered by the advertising and financial community as a brand that matters? Or to be considered as highly relevant and liked by ordinary folks that surf the internet? For companies like Coca Cola and Yahoo these questions are becoming every more relevant. The Interbrand 100 ranks them respectively at number 1 and 65. The Futurelab 100 which we published today  inverts their positions by putting them at number 57 and 2. 

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Futurelab 1000 Days: Futurelab Romania 75

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Can Search Engines Turn into Prediction Engines? We Are Not Only Searching Online but Could Be Influencing the Real World

by: Idris Mootee

We all know how bad the real estate market is. Although the pace of the housing slow down is now decelerating, but there is no bottom in sight. And seasonally, we usually see an uptick in activity in Aug, as last minute closings take place before the new school year begins. No such bump happened in Aug 08, as sales slipped 2.2% for the month. Is this the bottom? Who has the answer?

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