online identity

Do You Know Who You're Talking to?

by: David Armano

Imagine someone comes up to you at a cocktail party. And they're wearing a mask—while everyone else isn't. You don't know much about that person because they're not really telling you a great deal about themselves. How much would you tell them about yourself in return? How much would you trust them? How much do you really know about them?

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Too Much vs. Too Little

by: Jonathan Salem Baskin

Yahoo's new limits on user data retention and Facebook's latest row over faux college groups illustrate the bizzaro-world conflict between too little and too much information in search, social media, and online life in general.

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a google horror story: what happens when you are disappeared

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Confused by Facebook

by: Danah Boyd

Social network sites have become powerful tools and platforms for all sorts of content and cultural producers. Starting with Friendster, artists leveraged the network capabilities to communicate with their fans. This took on a new level with MySpace, resulting in the explicit creation of artist profiles. Even within the constraints of Facebook, artists built groups and found other ways to collect and communicate with their fans.

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