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Starting a Movement Is Social Leadership

I wrote recently that about the next important step for organizations to learn on the social web is leadership. I had characterized it as cultural leadership inspired in many ways by Reed Hastings (the Netflix CEO) presentation on “Freedom and Responsibility in Culture” (my post on that Culture as Competitive Advantage).

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Next Step for Organizations in Social Media Is Leadership

In the current landscape lots of companies are listening to their communities, and some are participating but few are providing the leadership required to cultivate, nurture and shape that community over the long term. The “2010 Social Media Benchmarking Study” from Ketchum and FedEx documents that only 10% of companies are providing real leadership (by their definition).

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Understanding Communities through Ethnography

Guest Post by: Dhiren (Market Sentinel) 

Ethnography promises new insights for companies seeking to understand communities. A few weeks ago I caught up with ethnographer and technology researcher Tricia Wang to learn how.

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Lack of Community Management Is “a Huge Missed Opportunity for Brands”

Guest Post by: Mark Jennings

Brands are learning and applying a more focused and disciplined approaches to their social assets, the November 2010 ComBlu report finds.

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Social Media, Financial Services and Customer Driven Markets

Guest Post by: Jo Stratmann

As we’ve already looked at the increase in niche online communities and how this could impact the future role of social media in financial services, this blog post will look at another key topic from our senior level executive round table event: customer driven markets.

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Four Luxury Brands that Lead the Pack in Social Media Innovation

2010 has seen a marked increase in luxury brands using social media and innovating with it. This is one of the findings in the latest L2 Luxury Digital IQ Index – research led by Scott Galloway, Professor of Marketing, NYU Stern. The report shows how luxury brands have really pushed their use of social media in 2010, realizing that the benefits for them come from not just having a social media presence but also from engaging people in social media and online communities.

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Digital Embassies: A Blueprint for Community Engagement

Upon first arriving at Edelman, I noticed that our language was a bit different when talking about community aspects of social media. Instead of saying "Facebook this and Twitter that" we often refer to the properties organizations manage online as "embassies". While we work with clients closely in both consultative, strategic and tactical ways, it seemed like the right time to take a step back and focus on what's really important. Engaging your community. So Call this a blueprint if you will for how you and your organization can think about building and managing multiple embassies in a hyper-connected world.

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10 Key Principles behind Digital Community

For all the blog-posts, white-papers, and conference talks on digital community, there still seems to be numerous examples of a failure to get out of a broadcast mindset, corporate arrogance, assumptive thinking and, well, just plain getting it wrong. So I penned a column for the good folks at Mediatel on the subject and it ended up as a list post (which I'm not usually a fan of, yet I seem to remember the last thing I wrote for them was as well).

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Why Twitter Accounts with Profile Pictures Have Ten Times More Followers, and What We Can Learn

Twitter accounts with a profile picture have ten times the number of followers as those without. This finding comes from an analysis of 9 million Twitter account by HubSpot using their TwitterGrader tool. Accounts with a profile picture have an average of over 250 followers; those without a profile picture have an average of about 25.

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Should Anonymous Comments Be Allowed in an Online Community?

Should people be allowed to leave anonymous comments in online communities and forums? It’s a question that has been debated many times and people have different perspectives on it. Some say that “No, if people don’t say who they are then its easy for discussions to get out of hand”, whereas others say “Yes, if you want people to be honest you need to allow them to be anonymous”.

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