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Online Communities: Help Your Customers Help Each Other

I originally wrote today's post for CallidusCloud CX; it appeared on their blog on May 23, 2017.

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ICYMM: Communities Are What You Need – Trust Me!

I have been saying for a very, very long time (back in 2001 I wrote a research note for Gartner, and in 2003 Michael Maoz and I spoke about this already at the conferences… and, oh yeah – in the late 1980s when I was moderating Compuserve forums I gave an interview for PCWeek about them – and I am sure there’s more, but you are bored of hearing me say how awesome I am — even though I am) that communities are the end goal for business.

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GetSatisfaction: the Controversy Cannot Hide the Facts

If you follow the news you know that GetSatisfaction was acquired by Sprinklr last week (link to press coverage).

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To Really Understand Social Media, You Must Also Understand Online Communities

It is very easy to get excited by social media. By “Likes” and “Follows”. To think about the tools you can use. To worry about creating content. To feel you must rush to be on the latest platform or site. But in all this excitement it can be easy to forget something that is more important than the tools, platforms and sites that you can make use of – the skills and expertise you need to identify, manage and grow a true online community.

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The Next Revolution?

Imagine if you could arm your browser with a filter that selectively kept marketing information away from you. Obliteratethe ads. Delete the search results. White-out the babble of angry or ersatz reviews.

What if faux ads and social campaigns destroyed real marketing, revealing the facts and falsehoods through spot-on and sometimes hilarious content that looked just like the real thing?

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Bright Lights Project: MySpace

The facts speak for the themselves: Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. bought MySpace in 2005 for $580 million and is selling it this week to Specific Media for $35 million. It made its purchase price back perhaps a couple times over by crapping out the site with innumerable ads (remember, News Corp. was simply exploring new distribution channels and the ad model was the most obvious way to monetize the thing). But users abandoned MySpace in droves, from a peak of 90 million in 2006 to 18 million 4 years later. Today, the thing is all but dead.

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Social Media Case Study: Crowdsourced Crops and FarmVille in Real Life

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Social Media Case Study – Wrigleys Extra v Polo Mints

Guest Post by: Jon Stokes

A few months ago I came across a blog post which compared Nestle’s Polo Mint social media campaign to that of Mars – owned chewing gum brand Wrigley’s Extra.

Now that the campaigns have been going for a few months it’s interesting to see how things have developed.

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15 Essential Articles for Online Community Managers #CMAD

To celebrate the second annual Community Manager Appreciation Day, we’ve brought together 15 essential articles for online community managers and social media managers. From why community managers should get involved with their online community before it is even launched, through how to manage and grow a community, to how to measure the impact you are having.

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Community Manager Appreciation Day: Pros and Cons of Community Managemnt

Guest Post by: Dan Harris

With the second annual community manager appreciation day just around the corner, I thought it would be a good time to sit back and take a look at he pros and cons that come with online community management.

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