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Mega Reach with Micro Marketing

by: Josh Hawkins

Mollie Spilman, CMO of, has an article at iMedia extolling the benefits of advertising networks for marketers who are trying to achieve reach objectives.

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Follow-up: Embedding Ads into YouTube Players

By: Ilya Vedrashko

A recent post about embedding ads into YouTube players to solve the monetization problem has attracted a suprising amount of attention and a number of great comments.

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Corporate Video 2.0 - Second Life Machinima + Youtube

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YouTube's New Ad Formats: Links, Screens

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Are Social Sites this Centuries Penny Press?

by: David Polinchock

I decided to take the plunge this weekend and spend a great deal of time at The NY Post recently wrote how youtube could now be worth $1 billion, finally making it worthy of a plan by Dr. Evil.

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A Little YouTube Advertising News

by: Karl Long

Finally, a new feature on YouTube hints at how they may capitalize on their amazingly productive community.

Essentially I just saw this at the end of a clip, which is a dynamic interstitial at the end of the clip that points me to other clips on YouTube. Granted, this is not commercial, money making advertising yet, but it will be.


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Content Will Follow The Money II - AdviseAninja

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Online Advertisers are Yelling More Loudly and its Insulting

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Thought of the Day

by: David Armano

"Advertising is the next big industry to suffer huge upheaval thanks to the internet. They may think they’re already there, but they’re not, not by a long shot."

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Commentary: The Problem Of Pay-Per-Action Ads

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