“Backshoring”: the New Buzzword that May Give You a Job

A recent post from Booz & Company’s “Strategy + Business” introduced a new term: “backshoring” – an emerging trend of returning manufacturing from an offshore location to the home country (”The Case For Backshoring“). This is especially important for US business, which has been a very aggressive proponent of offshoring for the past decade. Why is this reversal happening? In short, the conditions that made outsourcing look so attractive have changed utterly:

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Overseas Call Centres Damage the Brand: Update

by: Chris Lawer

Back in 2004, I wrote a blog entry on the back of some research published then in BrandRepublic magazine. It revealed that UK companies setting up overseas call centres are losing customers at a rate that actually negates the cost-saving of outsourcing abroad. The following extract described:

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Thinking About the Thinking Class: Outsource low leverage thinking work, offshore high leverage thinking work

by: John Sviokla

If something is digitizable, and can be well described and monitored, it will be traded.  Services are more and more tradable every day.

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