Despite the Headlines, the Future Has Never Been Brighter

It’s easy to get depressed about the world these days. Watch the news for five minutes or more and you’re bound to see signs of the apocalypse. War, poverty, climate change, a new pandemic, there always seems to be new trouble arising somewhere that threatens our health and security.

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Nostalgia: Creating Memories or Making Noise?

Nothing is more synonymous with summer than ice cream! And that means ice cream trucks and that wonderful jingle that lets us know that the ice cream truck is on its way or has arrived. 
In the last week or so, in Long Beach, CA, residents have been complaining that the lovely jingle of summer is a nuisance. And so the City Council has listened to its constituents and is threatening to silence the trucks - not for good, though they will likely be placing restrictions on when or how long the music can be played.

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