Order vs. Disorder: Surroundings Matter

by: Roger Dooley

While our behavior is clearly influenced by our surroundings - most of us act differently in a church vs. a nightclub - new research shows that very subtle differences can have a significant behavioral impact. Specifically, new research shows that environments with “disorder” cues cause people to be less likely to conform to social norms.

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Teens, Dating, Friendship, and School Dances

by: danah boyd

In youth culture

When I read the Chicago Tribune's coverage of why teens have eschewed dates for school dances, I wanted to scream. This shift has nothing to do with "the way young people view personal relationships in the age of Facebook, MySpace and Twitter" (and not just because teens don't use Twitter in significant numbers yet).

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to remember or to forget? on babies and beer goggles

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Green Consumer Behavior - Part II: Evolving Social Norms toward the Environment

by: David Wigder

Joel Makower’s recent blog entitled “Is ‘Carbon Neutral’ Good Enough?” speaks to the growing trend to offset carbon emissions generated from personal or business activities.

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