Bright Lights Project: Nokia

The news just goes from bad to worse for Nokia. A huge cut in its sales and profit forecast at the end of last month cratered its stock to its lowest price in 13 years. Then the company was put on credit watch and its rating cut by Standard & Poor's. Nobody's surprised (its fellow hardware maker Motorola has been ineffectually struggling for years).

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Blogwell #3 Presentation by Nokia's Molly Schonthal

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Nokia's Mobile Phone Strategy

by: Design Translator

Alec Saunders has written a great article on Nokia’s mobile phone product strategy. While the article just touches on Industrial Design, he gives good examples on how product strategies, combined with a good understanding of the consumer, is used to drive innovative designs for Nokia.

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Nokia's Eco Sensing Cell Phone Brings New Meaning to Connectivity

by: Idris Mootee

Social networks are finally converging with mobile connectivity and eco-friendly concepts. Nokia is at the cutting edge of innovation again (Motorola, what are you guys doing?) with this visionary concept of Eco Sensor Phone System. This new design concept consists of a cell phone and compatible sensing device that allows you to stay connected to your friends as well as to your health and local environment.

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Apple + Nokia

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Nokia and Vodafone: Mobile Knowledge for Social Change

by: Dominic Basulto

One result of the popularity of Wikinomics has been the number of collaborative wikis that have been launched by organizations and corporations in order to share ideas around the world.

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In the Future, You Will Be Able to Record Your Life

by: Lynette Webb

“Life caching” as a concept has been around for a while and has always fascinated me. For their afficionados, Twitter and the constant chatter on Myspace-type boards are the first services that, to me, come close to enabling capture of the minutiae of daily life.

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Phone Battery Street Charching Services

by: Sebastian Campion

Jan Chipchase is Principal Researcher in the User Experience Group of Nokia Research Center. A part of his fascinating job is to observe and describe how different cultures use mobile technologies differently - often in ways unintended or unpredicted by the industry that he represents.

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Advertising Age - MediaWorks - Street Furniture Gets Interactive

by: David Polinchock

From Ad Age:

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