AdAge Challenges the Tinfoil Hats

Rance Crain, Editor-in-Chief of Advertising Age (as well as Crain’s Chicago Business, Crain’s New York Business, and TelevisionWeek) has taken the neuro-alarmists to task in a sensible AdAge piece, Neuromarketing Threat Seems Quaint in Today’s Ad Landscape.
Crain describes the EthicMark ad competition and the group’s fears about neuromarketing. The EthicMark awards don’t recognize brilliant creativity or stellar sales results, but rather admit only advertisers who don’t use “subliminal messages, brain science, MRIs or endocrinology as tools to manipulate [consumers] for marketing purposes.”
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They Wear Nike on Mars, Right?

There’s a four-week mission to Mars taking place right now, complete with a Mars landing module known as the LEM, a full-size Mars rover, a mobile quarantine unit, a bio lab and an interplanetary excavation unit. Only the “mission” is not actually taking place on Mars, it’s taking place on Manhattan’s Upper East Side inside the 55,000-foot Park Avenue Armory

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Can Nike Fuel a Mobile Health Revolution?

The mobile health revolution, which started and took off in overseas emerging markets, is rapidly making its way to the U.S. The past few months have brought a surge of new innovations - the FitBit Ultra, the Jawbone UP and now the Nike+ FuelBand, all of which attempt to combine fitness tracking and health awareness into an attractively-designed mobile product.

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Nike McFly Update

by: Nancy Baym

One of the most read posts I ever wrote was this one about sneaker fan efforts to get Nike to manufacture the McFly seen in Back to the Future II.

They got their wish. Kind of:

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Fans Vote for ... Nike?

by: Nancy Baym

In my favorite case of online fan empowerment, the purchase of soccer team Ebbsfleet United by 28,000+ members of a website organized to buy a team is a done done done deal. The fans will be voting on team selection in March, but they’ve already voted for Nike:

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Abercrombie behind Obama

by: Ilya Vedrashko

All these people in A&F behind Obama - not a product placement.

Which brings up an old question: what's the effect of news photography on a brand?

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SteelCase Talks Design Virtually

by: C. Sven Johnson

About a week ago I was lucky enough to get myself logged into Second
Life to attend a question & answer session with representatives
from Steelcase, the office
furniture manufacturer. Unfortunately there won’t be an audio posted
online, so I thought I’d post a couple of things I wrote down at the
conclusion of the meeting and share them here; mostly for the benefit
of any Industrial Designers that might surf through. But don’t quote

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Service Design and Advertising

Evolving Experience + Storytelling in Advertising

by: David Armano


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Cool 2.0 Ideas Executed With 1.0 Mindset

by: Karl Long

Nike has done some very exciting things with its Nike + campaign. If you’re not familiar basically Nike has created a little device (an accelerometer you put in your shoe) for the iPod nano that reports back how far you have run, your pace etc.

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