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Social Media, Financial Services and Customer Driven Markets

Guest Post by: Jo Stratmann

As we’ve already looked at the increase in niche online communities and how this could impact the future role of social media in financial services, this blog post will look at another key topic from our senior level executive round table event: customer driven markets.

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The Niche of Mass

by: C. Sven Johnson

Joel Greenberg has a blog entry (Link) worth reading regarding Suzanne Vega’s upcoming concert inside Second Life. Some of what he’s getting at has come up here before (reLink). And of course scarcity is something I’m often thinking about, given my particular interests.

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PREDICTION in 2007 social networking will get even bigger and more diverse

by: Lynette Webb (with Dan Calladine)

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Mainstream-ification and Podcasting

by: danah boyd

This week, i went to Duke to participate in the Podcasting Symposium. It was a great opportunity to talk to folks dealing with podcasting from different roles - podcasters, lawyers, scholars, businesspeople, etc. I participated on the Identity and Performance panel; here's a synopsis of what i said.

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