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Technology Isn’t Better

It might be time to debate our ongoing outsourcing to tech many of life’s activities that once required our active participation, or engagement with others.

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Wearables That Promise To Make Us Smarter. What's Next?

Do you wonder how we measure brain activity? Our brains communicate through the cell sending tiny electric signals to each other and the more signals the more electricity it will produce. An EEG can measure the pattern of this electrical activity. There are some who believe that if we stimulate certain part of the brain (pre-frontal cortex) will improve certain functions. For years, there had been experiments of stimulating the brain using small electric currents and see if it can make us thinker better or smarter.
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Disruptive Innovations Always Look like Toys

One of the most misunderstood terms in the business world is disruptive technology. Too many companies -- and the marketers in charge of bringing these companies' innovations to market -- assume that "disruptive" connotes a highly-sophisticated, high-end product with cutting-edge technology that will appeal to early adopters.

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30-49 Year Olds Drive New Media Consumption

by: Alain Thys

If you thought new media and technology trends was for the kids, think again.  A recent study by Pleon has revealed that more than 90% of European internet users of all ages also sport at least one other multi-media device.  54% have two and 35% own three or more.

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