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TV from Cradle to the Grave - What We Can Learn at Its Birth

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MIT CMS Class Notes Online at MIT OCW

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Living and Learning with New Media: Findings from a 3-year Ethnographic Study of Digital Youth

by: danah boyd

For the last three years, I've been a part of a team of researchers at Berkeley and USC focused on digital youth practices. This project, funded by the MacArthur Foundation, brought together 28 different researchers (led by Mimi Ito and my now deceased advisor Peter Lyman) to examine different aspects of American youth life. As many of you know, I focused on normative teen practices and the ways in which teens engaged in networked publics. We are now prepared to share our findings:

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The 'Other' Real Estate Bust

by: Jonathan Salem Baskin

Ad spending crashed 3.7% during the second quarter of 2007, perhaps suggesting that there's a crisis in this "other" form of real estate.

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Information Asymmetry Is Dead...

by: Iqbal Mohammed

Not a day passes by without us being reminded that new media - blogs, wikis, podcasting, etc. - have obliterated the information asymmetry that advertising and brands have traditionally exploited. We are told that the new blogosphere-enabled consumer is armed to the teeth with information and that in the new world, brands and its consumers are equal.

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Brand and Media Survival Guide to Virtual Worlds - talk transcript

by: Gary Hayes

NOTE: Based on my sticky post ‘The Brand Owners Guide to Joining the Metaverse“.

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Virtually There - 04 Milia 2007 Vignettes

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Media 2.0 - Ready for the Next Game

by: Idris Mootee

I have been talking with a number of senior executives of large media corporations and I really think it is an exciting business to be in. Take a look at a chart of EBITDA multiples versus EBITA from a Goldman Sachs research report on the media business growth rates tells us something. Look at the differences between video games and Internet versus newspaper. That tells you why media executives are up at night thinking about how to play the NEXT game.

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by: Karl Long

Found this video on Jonnie Moore's always thought provoking blog. It's a collaboration of 200 students in an anthropology class that looks at the defining characteristics of students today.

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