Lady Gaga as Innovation Superstar

For the past six months, Lady Gaga has parlayed her amazing success in the music and entertainment world to become the unofficial poster child for creativity and innovation in the business world. Earlier this year, she was tapped as the new creative director of Polaroid. Then, just last month, Fast Company named her the #1 Most Creative Individual in Business - an honor that placed her ahead of luminaries from the likes of Apple, FedEx, TED, Microsoft and Nissan. 

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Cashing in on Concerts

In recent weeks, both the New York Times and Bloomberg Businessweek ran stories on the booming music concert business.  

The Times piece, A Front-Row Seat, to Go? Rock Fans Pay for Perks relayed the success of VIP packages which give concert goers special perks like face time with the artists at thousands of dollars a head. 

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How to Interview and SXSWi Highlights

Back from my first SXSWi. General impression: A lot of wonderful people there, but way too many people. It was hard to find even the people I already knew, let alone meet new ones, though I did manage both.

I led a core conversation about interviewing, meant to pool our collective wisdom about how to be a good interviewer. It got nice write ups here and here.

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Facebook Takes Rage Against the Machine to Christmas No.1

Guest Post by: Charlie Osmond

Rage Against the Machine (RATM) have just had their first UK Number 1. They got it thanks to an extraordinary underground Facebook campaign, beating X-Factor winner Joe McElderry.

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The Democratization Of Music

While technology has already enabled a new generation of musicians to create and share their art without the constraints (and costs and, er, profits) of traditional music distribution, it could be about to change the way we listen to it, too.

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Close Your Eyes, Change Your Brain

I find I close my eyes to “enhance” my other senses. If I’m trying to hear a barely audible voicemail, for example, I often close my eyes. I always assumed that I was merely reducing visual stimuli and hence freeing up my brain to devote more resources to listening.

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The Brain on 'Chilling' Music

by: Roger Dooley

In Audio Branding, I wrote about subtle uses of music to influence our behavior. Most of the uses of music for branding or sales enhancement are so subtle that listeners may not be consciously aware the music is even playing - it’s simply part of the environment. Indeed, it seems that subtlety is the goal of Muzak and others trying to create an auditory environment.

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Name That Tune

You know you're old when songs you listened to when you were a kid are being used to brand old fogey cars.

It's common for musicians of all ages to sell their music to advertisers. Beck and the Who have done it, as have Feist and the Rolling Stones. It's not just a crass sellout anymore, but rather crass marketing strategy: ads get heard more often than songs on radio stations, so getting into a commercial is just one of a menu of options that include inclusion in the soundtrack of a movie, or appearing in a teen drama on TV. 

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CD Baby Podcast Interview

by: Nancy Baym

CD Baby have posted a half hour DIY Musician Podcast interview with me. It was a good interview and is available for streaming or download. Here’s their blurb:

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On the Pirate Bay Verdict

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