What’s Your Mind-Diet? Clay Shirky versus Nick Carr

There has been a wonderful debate going on in the pages of the Wall Street Journal between Clay Shirky and Nick Carr. Carr became famous for his IT Doesn’t Matter article and has ridden his technology contrarianism to a fantastic intellectual franchise. I have yet to read his newest book, The Shallows: What the internet is doing to our brains, but according to reviewers I respect like Mark McDonald over at Gartner, the book seems to be a worthwhile review of relevant literature showing how the use of new media, including new digital technologies, can cause poorer performance for  important thinking tasks. 

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Multitaskers r-us

by: Gary Hayes

Turn off the TV, get off the phone and pay attention! Been doing some recent audience research and feel the need to opine. I talked about this in previous posts but not looked in great detail at some of the interactive, cross-media implications of this very current evolutionary trait.

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