Best Practices for Delivering Excellent Customer Service Across Channels

Guest post by Veronica French 

In today’s real-time economy, customers have high customer service expectations. Excellent customer service starts with offering a speedy and seamless experience across your support channels. How will your company keep up with demand and deliver great omni-channel support?

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Why Marketers Should Care about Transmedia. 3 Questions with Andrea Phillips

In 1999, I attempted to launch a content production venture called Transmedia Productions. Its vision was to develop and market narratives, which would span various media (yes even internet!). It also aimed to somehow engage audiences in “co”-telling the story.

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70% of Print Campaigns (on AOTW) Ignore the Multi-Channel Reality

by: Alain Thys

Imagine you’re a consumer and you leaf through your favourite magazine.  Suddenly you see a brand that interests you.  Hey, maybe it’s that product you always wanted but never thought existed.  Living in the 21st century, your instant reaction is to go online and find out more about it.  But have you ever noticed that in spite of all the web two-point-naught hubbub, most of the ads you look at don’t carry a URL?

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Multitaskers r-us

by: Gary Hayes

Turn off the TV, get off the phone and pay attention! Been doing some recent audience research and feel the need to opine. I talked about this in previous posts but not looked in great detail at some of the interactive, cross-media implications of this very current evolutionary trait.

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Channel Preferences Don't Matter

eMarketing and Commerce reported on a Habeas study which found that:

67% of consumers prefer email as a communications channel over other online vehicles, and 65% believe this will continue to be the case in five years.”

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Bridging The Gap Between Online and Offline Shopping

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