Crowdsourcing Harry Potter?

by: Alain Thys

Spoiler alert: This post gives away a key plot point of the final Harry Potter book.  So if you've haven't finished the book, do not read on.

Last week Monday (at 1:30 AM) I finished part 7 of the Harry Potter series and after sat through the young man's wizardry adventures for thousands and thousands of pages, the end of the series felt like losing a friend.

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Everything I know about innovation I learned from Pedro Almodovar

by: Dominic Basulto

You can throw away your books from Tom Peters and Malcolm Gladwell right about now and start loading up on movie DVDs.

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'Film and the Audience of Tomorrow'

by: Danah Boyd

As promised, i've uploaded the crib from my talk at Cannes for your enjoyment (and critique). It's about film, DRM, remix, MySpace, youth, fandom, film consumption, and other good things.

"Film and the Audience of Tomorrow"


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Media buyers take note – the 50-plus are watching more films

by: Dick Stroud

Cinema audiences are still predominantly young with nearly half of filmgoers under the age of 25 but older viewers are a significant number and becoming more significant. The number of people aged 45 and over attending the cinema has doubled from 19 million a decade ago to 38 million last year.

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US Airways Magazine - Straight Talk

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RenewUS: A Climate Movie with a Happy Ending (Really)

by: Joel Makower

Here's the assignment: You've got four minutes to get millions of busy, information-overloaded citizens concerned about climate change and motivated to take action. How would you do it?

Wait, there's more. You can use humor, but it can't be fall-down funny, since this isn't exactly a humorous topic.

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