Shifting from Product Placement to Engagement in Green

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Palestinian girls, dating, and the mobile phone

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Can Mobile Phones Eradicate Poverty?

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Free, Unsolicited Product Management Advice for Verizon Wireless

by: John Caddell

As I mentioned yesterday, I am using EV-DO to connect to the internet here in Vegas for CTIA. It's more economical and reliable than the hotels' and convention center's WiFi hotspots. What I didn't say is that the way I contract for this service is convoluted and actually, on my analysis, loses money for Verizon. Details to follow.

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iPhone SDK: Potential For Serious Games Large Scale Distribution

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how youth find privacy in interstitial spaces

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Twitter in Plain English (and Visual Thinking)

by: David Armano

This is by far the BEST description
of Twitter I have ever come across. Though it leaves out many of
Twitter's other uses such as link sharing and the fact that some use it
as a chat client--it serves as a great "de-mystification" of the

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Marc Laperrouza on Mobile Telephony in China (LIFT'08)

by: Alexander Osterwalder

This post might be a little outside of my usual scope. However, I think
the video shot at the LIFT conference with my friend Marc Laperrouza,
nicely puts the spotlight on Asia, the most important region of
tomorrow's world. Marc gives some particularly interesting insights
into Asia's telecom sector.

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Being Peter Kim: What's Wrong with Mobile Marketing

by: David Polinchock

If you want to know what's wrong with advertising and why it has so many problems, take a look at the list of reasons that mobile advertising isn't working. You'll notice that not one person mentioned there's no real value for the consumer. That's why mobile marketing isn't working right now.

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Mobile Social Networks - Random Thoughts

by Idris Mootee

idea of mobile social networking first came to my mind three years ago
when I was traveling with my colleague Keith Liu from Dulles after
meeting with AOL. I was preparing a speech for an upcoming conference
on "social computing". We talked about the business idea of launching a

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