A New Evaluation: the 10 Lessons of the Brand Utility

The brand utility has become an established phenomenon and there are inspiring success cases. But the App stores are also full with apps that will never be found, let alone be used.

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Google Slams the Nokia + Microsoft Deal, Then Buys Motorola Mobility?

Sadly WebOS/HP is no more…

In a surprising about face, Google, who not long ago slammed the Nokia and Microsoft deal, goes ahead to buy Motorola Mobility a spinoff company (setup in January 2011) that focuses on mobile devices such as Smartphones and tablets.

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Adding a Human Touch to the Future of Mobile Experiences

Amid Moradganjeh, a Masters student at the Umeå Institute of Design, dropped me an email with a link to his thesis project done in collaboration with Microsoft. Rimino, is a next generation mobile device interface concept that wants to be intuitive, prioritizes human needs, and focuses on enhancing the human experience.

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Tailored for Mobile

With dismay I observe Ian Carrington, Googles mobile director, exclaim that if a company's website is not tailored for mobile handsets, they are literally begging to loose marketing share. (via and Dagens Næringsliv).

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It's Much Harder To Understand Complicated Information When You're Reading through a Peephole

As usual, the newsletter has some fascinating commentary.

This one is about the problems of accessing the web via a mobile device – tell me about it.

I quote.

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What’s Next in Retail from Etail

The sessions at eTail, the conference for multi-channel and online retailers, were chock full of new perspectives and new technologies.

The title for this year’s event, held last month in Palm Springs, was: “The Future Is Now: Managing ‘What’s Next’ While Remaining Focused on Today’s Brand Experience.

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40% of All Tweets Are Now Composed on Mobile Devices

Guest Post by: George Cathcart

The way we consume information is fundamentally shifting towards an ‘always-on’ world where our mobile phones are the first port of call for access to the web.

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The Five Things That Will Make Mobile Marketing Even Bigger in 2011

Thanks to my good friend and future business collaborator David Fieldhouse for this five quick predictions for mobile in 2011. In all honesty, Dave could have written a list three or four times as long as this, yet managed to condense his fantastic knowledge into five simple points. These are the things that Dave, founder of Lucidity Mobile, believes will be happening for brands in 2011:
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The Future Battle of Search Will Be in Social Mobile. Does Social Search Make Any Sense?

A friend of mine visited me from Japan and our conversation was around mobile search, since Apple’s acquisition of Siri, a company that makes voice-operated personal assistant app for the iPhone, people wonder what Apple's intent was. This move has big implications for the future of mobile search and is just a first step into the game.

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Phone-Wielding Shoppers Strike Fear into Retailers -

For years I've been talking about how new mobile technologies can turn physical retail into nothing more then giant "windows" for online retailers. I know that I price check using my phone and I know that more & more people will do the same.

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