Growth Champions

by: Jon Miller

Strategy+Business had a great article in their summer issue by Edward Landry, Andrew Tipping, and Jay Kumar from the consultancy Booz Allen Hamilton.

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comScore Misinterprets Data: MySpace is *NOT* Gray

by: danah boyd

Read the comScore press release. Completely. Read the details. They have found that the unique VISITORS have gotten older. This is _not_ the same thing as USERS.

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Advertising Age - P&G Wants In-store Marketing Metrics to Match up to TV, Radio

by: David Polinchock

This new study has been getting quite a lot of attention lately and we think that it's a shame. Now, for full disclosure, we have a business relationship with POPAI, which is developing another study. However, we believe that none of the studied proposed so far go as far as we think they should go.

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Measuring Emotion in the Customer Experience

by: Chris Lawer

We have been doing some work recently helping a client identify appropriate means to measure  emotions in the customer experience.


Here are some example methods which I briefly describe:


Used by: Intuit, American Express, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, GE Capital, Norwich Union

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Is Context King?

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The Audience Is Dead But The Show Must Go On

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Don’t Put the Metrics Cart Before the Strategy Horse

by: Joseph Mann

In a recent post I pontificated on the importance of having a systematic approach to lead generation by employing a formal lead scorecard to qualify leads prior to sending them on to the sales team.

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Taken your Metrics Multivitamin Today?

by: Joseph Mann

Can it be that 72.4% of direct marketers have no marketing dashboard or performance measurement system? So says a new survey by the CMO Council.

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Marketing Remix (with Antony Paoni)

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Timberland Reveals Its 'Nutritional' Footprint

by: Joel Makower

Timberland, the often-maverick maker of footwear and apparel, last week unveiled a self-described "nutritional label" it plans to put on all of its shoeboxes in the coming year.

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