PowerPoint Makes Us Stupid

I read with a mixture of shock and smug satisfaction the recent New York Times story in which a Marine Corps general said “PowerPoint makes us stupid.” It turns out the popular presentation format has been messing up American war strategists just like it has confounded corporate planners. 

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How much time in businesses is spent fulfilling unproductive corporate practices that add little value? I'd guess it's a lot. And I'm guessing you think the same.

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Meetings - a Silent Sigh

by: Sigurd Rinde

Meeting of minds are core to our existence, and almost always a pleasure (except for that chance brush with a surly parking meter overlord of course).

But there is another kind of meeting, mostly an intracompany phenomena: The project workflow node par excellence, the book-ends of any process snippet in our daily Barely Repeatable work day.

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Communication Lessons from the Deaf

by: John Caddell

Is it possible that losing one sense can improve one's ability to communicate? Aerospace consultant Bruno Kahne asserts this in an amazing article in the magazine Strategy + Business ("Lessons of Silence").

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