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Earned Media Planning

Guest Post by: Matthew Rogers

In 2009 the smart guys at Nokia started to think about categorising and planning media according to how it was evolving. The “earned media” category  was a nice way to summarise all activities related to social networks and social media.

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Stop Talking about the Recession - No Way

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100 Million Hours of Ads a Weekend?

by: Ilya Vedrashko

You might have already seen Clay Shirky's now famous speech about cognitive surplus given at Web2Expo and the dramatic comparison of the time spent watching TV (200B hours a year in the US) and building Wikipedia (100M hours total).

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Clients Are Demanding Agencies to Reinvent Themselves

by: Idris Mootee

WSJ reported today that the Web's emergence is now forcing ad executives to
succumb to marketers' demands that agencies reinvent how ads are created, and
forget their TV-centric approach. This is a really good piece that reflects
exactly the big challenges. They reported that clients are even calling
for changes in the way ad firms are structured. But until now, few advertisers

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Stop the War

Advertising and media planning is still littered with military analogies. We 'launch campaigns', 'battle' for attention. We talk about 'target' audiences, 'hits', 'strike rates', 'impacts'. We base our thinking on 'strategies', we deploy 'tactics'. We desire 'captive' audiences.

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Sim Game Teaches TV Ad Planning

by: Ilya Vedrashko (via Business&Games)

TV Station Manager is an indie game of the simulation / tycoon genre that puts you in the shoes of, surprise, a TV station manager. Wonder if it can be used for training; will run it by the agency's media guys to see how accurate it is.

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Business Week Checks Marketers' Pulse

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“Neuroplanning” and Neuromarketing in the Czech Republic

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