media fragmentation

What Bin Laden's Death Teaches Us about Modern Media

I'm sitting here on an historical Sunday evening watching the news of Osama Bin Laden's death unfold in real time. It's been over an hour since the news of a pending presidential statement first hit the national airwaves. It got me thinking about the state of media based on how I was digesting and consuming it. Here are a few thoughts:

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Media Disruption Continues as Attackers Fail and Defenders Wonder What's Coming Next?

I am just counting how many industries today are getting near their industry breakpoints, accelerated by the current crisis and changes in consumer attitude towards anything. With macro forces pushing a collision between previously unrelated industries and the smart ones know a reset is necessary. Media is on top of the list.

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The Coming Transformation of Broadcast Media. It Just Has to Be Google-ized and Facebook-erized.

by: Idris Mootee

Here’s an interesting question: Is traditional media on a permanent decline? Will they ever recover in full when this downturn is finally over? The media companies are watching their life blood -- advertising -- erode at a rate not seen in a generation. No one knows how this will turn out as evidence of audiences increasingly get more and more fragmented and less accessible to mass marketing is becoming clear.

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Media: Sparking a Cultural Movement

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Desperate Search for New Ad Models

by: Gary Hayes

Update article: Networks in crises - from the Australian about the tsunami about to hit Oz shores, a region entrenched in the old advertising model…

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Web Trend Map 2.0

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Interpublic Chief Talks Media & Audience Fragmentation

by: Josh Hawkins

At Adweek's MIXX Conference and Expo, Mark Rosenthal, chairman/CEO of Interpublic Group of Companies Inc.'s media business, described what he believes are the key trends that will radically impact advertising and agencies over the next few years (via DMnews):

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