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Let’s Be Really Retro and Buy a Newspaper

Research from Adweek is bad news for the long-term health of the Newspaper Industry.


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Don’t let them tell You that TV Is Going out of Fashion

The latest data on multi-country TV viewing figures doesn’t support the view that watching the box is going out of fashion. You can read the long, long , long report from OFCOMThe International Communications Market 2009” if you have a spare week.

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Graph Media Activities with a Wheel Chart

This hand-drawn "media wheel" shows what media people consume when and where, based on data points from a syndicated research.  Here's how me made it.

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How Teenagers – and Adults – Consume Media

This is the unabridged, non-edited version of an article published at
The Morgan Stanley report entitled “media and the Internet, how teenagers consume media” is one of the most striking examples of instant information circulation on a global scale. Matthew Robinson — a 15 year-old trainee who was asked to put together a report on how his peers were using the media — no longer needs to work on his online reputation. In a flash, his report was on everyone’s lips (on everyone’s desktop rather) and widely used as a perfect representation of generation Y usage of media and – especially – the Internet.

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Are You Apart of the Revolution?

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Asking Media Consumers about Their Consumption - Weird Idea

The investment bank Morgan Stanley has published a report on teenage media consumption written by a fifteen year old.

The intern was asked by the company’s media and research department to describe how he and his friends "consumed media" like games consoles, cell phones, television and the Internet...

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Will the Internet Overtake Television in 2010?

by: Alain Thys

Microsoft just published a rather thorough report on the future developments of the internet across Europe. One of the bold predictions they are making is that it won't be long before Internet actually overtakes (traditional) television in terms of media consumption time.

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The Coming Transformation of Broadcast Media. It Just Has to Be Google-ized and Facebook-erized.

by: Idris Mootee

Here’s an interesting question: Is traditional media on a permanent decline? Will they ever recover in full when this downturn is finally over? The media companies are watching their life blood -- advertising -- erode at a rate not seen in a generation. No one knows how this will turn out as evidence of audiences increasingly get more and more fragmented and less accessible to mass marketing is becoming clear.

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Read All About It (In French)

by: Jonathan Salem Baskin

A future for newspapers?

The French government has announced a ten-fold increase in its support for the country's print media, in an effort " make sure an independent, free and pluralistic press exists," according to President Nicholas Sarkozy.

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Media: Sparking a Cultural Movement

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