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You Saw It on the News... But Probably Not the Printed Kind

A new report on the US media has confirmed what we already know – that most of us are now getting our daily news fix online and on mobile devices.

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Study: Some People Watch Less TV

Say Media (formely VideoEgg and Six Apart) is releasing today a potentially interesting "Off The Grid" study (see it in my Google Docs) about people who are consuming less live and more streaming and on-demand TV. The study breaks these people down into two groups:


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Replace Book with Internet and This Looks a Lot like Addiction

This was an interesting perspective I’d not thought about before. It especially rang true, since as a kid I can remember often being told to “get your head out of that book and go outside to play”. I wonder how many parents say that nowadays.


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Is Television Advertising for Old People?

The median age of prime-time television viewers (in the US) is nearing 51 years old.

In words of one syllable, this means that more than half of all prime-time viewers are outside of the advertiser's favourite demographic of 18-49. The medium that has long been synonymous with massive reach is quickly becoming the most efficient way to reach lots of old people!

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Traditional Media Is Haemorrhaging Its Lead as Music Discovery Platform

I'm emerging briefly from hibernation again, as I'm astonished at how this Myxer report's findings on music discovery are being reported. The research is based on a US sample of people who download mobile entertainment.

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Who Watches Online Video?

Pew Internet has just published a report about the demographics of Web video in the US - The State of Online Video.

No great shocks. Bottom line. Web video is mighty important. The more wealthy you are, the better educated you are the more likely you are to watch. No surprise there then. I am surprised at how fast the in propensity to use video (by age) changed in two years.

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The Future of News - Peak Journalism

   "Society doesn't need newspapers. What we need is journalism." Clay Shirky

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Whenever, Wherever and ON Whatever

A few years back, when Sydney & I went to Australia, we arrived at the hotel about noon after a 22 hour trip. We didn't want to go do anything, we just wanted to zone in the room before venturing out. Sydney walked right over to the TV set, picked up the remote and said

"Can I watch one of my shows?"

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iPad: The Swiss Army Knife of Media Consumption

I got to play with the iPad at work and here's what I think.

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Brand Management and the 10:45 Per Day Generation

The Kaiser Foundation recently released a study documenting the astounding fact that 8-18 year olds in the United States have increased their media use from 8hrs 33 mins per day in 2004 to 10hrs 45 mins in 2009, which means that except for when they sleeping or in school they are almost always consuming media. I call them the 10:45 generation.

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