The Physics of Disruption

Jeremy England, a rising star in the world of physics, has made quite a stir with his ideas about the meaning of life. In a nutshell, England argues that while disorder in the universe tends to increase over time, living things harness energy around them to create order from randomness.

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Erich Fromm on the Central Challenge of Cultivating Meaningful Relationships with Customers

What Is The Central Challenge Of Building Meaningful & Profitable Relationships With Customers? Is this challenge about opening up 24/7 access to your business through any and all channels? Is it about coming up with new products and services that attract customers like bright lights attract moths at night-time? Is it about taking out costly, unpredictable, unreliable human beings and replacing them with technology? 

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How I’d Spend $1.5 Billion To Sell Windows 8

The rumors are that Microsoft is planning to spend between $1.5 and $1.8 billion marketing its newest operating system, Windows 8. It’s a fair guesstimate that we’ll get lots of glossy ads, tons of “content” on social platforms, and pretty much every other trick and tool that a veritably endless amount of money will buy. Some of the stuff will win awards at industry conferences, and some of it will get dinged for being useless.

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Revolving Digital Doors

I used to decry the fact that CMOs who embraced much of the ethereal nonsense of branding never stuck around their jobs long enough to suffer the consequences of their actions; they, along with their agency friends who enabled the nutty (and usually hefty) expenditures, moved to new jobs where they busily got to work repeating themselves before their old employers announced sales declines and cost-cutting.

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Ads As Absurdist Comedy

Two current TV commercials have me thinking that they were written by Samuel Beckett: Toyota’s “The Ex” spot for its Camry and Oscar Meyer’s “It’s Yes Food” hotdog ads make us wait far too long for a payoff that proves to be utterly disappointing…not to mention just a stupid violation of basic, tactical rules of 21st century advertising.

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The Meaning Trap

I really liked what Jack White has to say in this short clip about how inspiration and a good work ethic "ride right next to each other" (and how on stage he likes to deliberately make things harder for himself because all those little things build a tension that forces you to create). It's an important balance.

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Thriving in Business

With the Emerging of the New "Object-Culture" - Meanings Are Sought through Social Identities, Visual Information and Interfaces / Interactions

There are objects that I love for many different reasons. They range from my Leicas to my JBL speakers, LV bags, Prada shoes and Mac computers. Objects that are highly functional can also be highly personal … expressive, reliable and artistic.


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When Meaning Is Meaningless

Pepsi is so happy with its "Refresh Project" social media marketing campaign that it has renewed funding for 2011 and will expand it to the rest of the world. This year it will give away $20 million to the good works projects that win the most supportive votes from consumers, representing "true democratization of the philanthropic process," according to a company spokesman.

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The Joy Luck Club Method to Brand Strategy

I’ve finally gotten around to reading “The Opposite of Fate:  A Book of Musings,” a book released quite a while ago by Amy Tan, the author of best-selling novels like The Joy Luck Club and The Kitchen God’s Wife. Like all of her other writings, this book has been a delight to devour. Not only has it entertained me and helped me understand Tan (and therefore myself), but also it has inspired me. Tan includes many insights about story-telling and communication in general which I believe can be applied to developing brand strategies.

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