Angry Old Party

by: Jonathan Salem Baskin

On the eve of tonight's last Presidential debate, I though it might be interesting to muse a bit about brands and politics...and how the two influence one another.

I know a lot has been said about the amount of rancor evident at Republican rallies, which seems to have surprised even John McCain. He has found himself contending with supporters he desperately needs...emoting angry nonsense he can't tolerate.

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Obama's Victory, McCain's Neuro-Loss

by: Roger Dooley

There’s little doubt that some macro political factors were decisive in driving Barack Obama’s presidential victory over John McCain. Notably, just as the divisive Iraq war seemed to have turned the corner and started to work to McCain’s advantage instead of Obama’s, the economic crisis gave Obama a whole new issue to blame on the Bush administration and, by inference, on McCain.

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Managing and Mocking Identities

by: Nancy Baym

The worlds of politics and fandom have been merging for some time, and it’s never been clearer than in this US election cycle where “user-generated content” from YouTube debate questions to Obama girl videos to Facebook groups to political blogs have been so important and inescapable.

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