mass customization

Co-creation 1: Mass Customisation

by: Matt Rhodes

Mass customisation is at one end of the co-creation spectrum - each product is customised for the particular customer who is purchasing it. Unlike what we often think of as co-creation, the individual customer does not influence the product for others. But they co-create their own product with the brand to deliver a customised version.

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Bug Labs and The Long Tail of Gadgets

by: Dominic Basulto

Earlier in the week, I had the unique opportunity to hear Peter Semmelhack, CEO of New York-based Bug Labs, describe how his start-up company was radically disrupting the traditional consumer electronics industry. Using a modular, open source approach, Bug Labs is focused on bringing the Long Tail of Gadgets to everyday consumers.

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The Curious Reluctance of Luxury

by: C. Sven Johnson

I’ve been wanting to post an entry regarding an interview with luxury brands consultant, businesswoman and author Uche Okonkwo over on the Mass Customization website (Link), but as I’ve been out of sorts lately I’m only now getting back to it.

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