Bright Lights Project: MSI

Chicago's Museum of Science & Industry ("MSI") had a great idea last year: let someone from outside the institution literally "live" there for a month, and let the public see the place through her or his eyes. Sour grapes alert: I applied for the job, but found myself among a few thousand others who lost out to a plucky twentysomething who went on to be utterly boring and forgettable.

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Sam Rosen on the Future of Media

* What are some of the different views of the value, role, and best approaches to paid, owned, and earned media?

* Why are conversation and storytelling so important in today’s media?

* How can companies use content to make people’s lives better?

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Facts or Gut Instincts? What Makes for Better Marketing Decision

Bright Lights Project: Stock Markets

When I came up with the idea of writing a Bright Lights essay about stock markets, I was really thinking about brainstorming how retail financial services brands could better address the current gaping void between what's happening in the markets, and the needs of individual investors for meaningful and reliable information about it.

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Storytelling and TV Advertising (No Story, No Glory)

When I was cleaning out my hard-drive earlier this week, I came across this presentation I did last April at the VTM Day (where I had the honour of sharing the stage with my hero Luc Besson :-)

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A New Evaluation: the 10 Lessons of the Brand Utility

The brand utility has become an established phenomenon and there are inspiring success cases. But the App stores are also full with apps that will never be found, let alone be used.

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Hell Hath Frozen

Wait. Let me pinch myself. Burger King is forsaking its mascot in favor of food and experience content in its marketing. Gap has admitted that its marketing stinks, especially the mannequin campaign for Old Navy? No, a pinch isn't enough. I need a stiff drink, but only after I let out a loud, obnoxious, self-congratulatory I told you so

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Bright Lights Project: JCPenney

Bright_Lights_Project_-_JCPenney.mp4 Watch on Posterous

I’ve often written that the world doesn’t need another computer OS or power chord teen anthem band. It also doesn’t need another department store. This isn’t good news for JCPenney, which comes about as close as any to getting slotted into the player-to-be-named-later category.

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Potatoes vs. Salad

There are two trends underway in America these days, and they're about as contradictory as trends can get: marketers are chasing healthy living markets -- food, drinks, clothing, vacations -- while more people are getting and staying fat than ever before.

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What Marketing Can Learn from Fractals

Last week, I saw an episode of BBC's The Code. The series show how mathematical principles are present in our daily lives.

The second episode was about the way nature is designed. Natural phenomena actively use the principle of Fractals. A fractal is a geometric shape that repeats itself continuously. As a result, the whole object is shaped in exactly the same way as its smallest part.

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