Leaks and Hacks: Uncontrolled or Controlled Marketing

Either we are in an age where Marketing and PR teams have become less careful about how they control privileged information about their products, or we are entering a new marketing age where “controlled exposure” of products happens.

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Muzzy Lane’s Marketing 101 Wins Serious Games Showcase & Challenge for Business

Muzzy Lane is the 2010 Serious Games Showcase & Challenge winner for the business game category with Marketing 101 - The Principles of Marketing.
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A Marketing Guy’s Approach to Self Marketing

Guest Post by: Laszlo Kövari

I got this email the other day from a marketing guy looking for a job.

It’s so full of generalities that it’s borderline funny. I think it would be difficult to write something like this for a “the most undifferentiated” competition.

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How Relevant Are You? Really?

It’s official, marketing is irrelevant.  At least, it looks that way when you look at the topic of this year’s International Marketing Congress.  After all, if all was in good order, would a thousand marketers gather to discuss the ways they can increase the relevance of their profession?

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Where Games and Marketing Collide

As someone who straddles the marketing world and the gaming world I’ve been struck by the convergence of goals between the industries and I think that marketers are likely to move boldly into creating games as a growing part of their mix. There has been experimentation with platforms like Foursquare and more recently with Facebook places and deals, but in my mind these are not tools built for marketers and don’t offer much in the way of depth of content or more importantly game design.

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Five Ways to Sense-check Your 2011 Marketing Budget

From our experience in optimizing about €5 billion in media funds around the world, we know that between 2 and 40% of any marketing budget delivers absolutely no value to the business.  If you’d take a (kind) mean of 10%, this would mean that – globally – annually about $50 billion goes down the drain.  Not counting the parts which deliver “little value” and the opportunity cost of lost commercial impact.

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The Movement Is the Medium

There’s a cultural movement gathering steam in the marketing world right now and, funnily enough, it has to do with… movements.

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How Taylor Swift Hit the Target Bullseye

Yo Taylor, I'm really happy for you, I'ma let you finish, because you have one of the bestselling albums of the past five years. Not to get all Kanye about it, but Taylor Swift's new record "Speak Now" just sold 1 million copies in one week -- only the second time that's been done in the past five years.

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Marketing Champions

First the bad news: Only 18% of CEOs are “very satisfied” with their marketing organizations. Yep, that’s saying 4 out of 5 CEOs lack confidence in their companies’ marketing people.

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Agile Marketing

As part of my ongoing obsession with all things agile, I've written up a summary of some key practices around Agile Marketing, building on the principles outlined in The Agile Manifesto. This is also cross posted over on The Marketing Society blog:

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