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The Scarcity Effect

The idea that scarce products are more appealing isn’t new. The latest iPhone MUST be good if hundreds of people are standing in line to snag one of the small number available at launch, right? Game console makers seem to have turned scarcity into an art, ensuring that when a new model is introduced the demand always exceeds the supply, fueling even more demand.

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Scarcity As A Benefit

Knob Creek bourbon has announced that it may run out of stock yet this summer, and that thirsty customers will have to wait until the next batch arrives on store shelves in November.

I think this is brilliant, old-school marketing.

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Email and Social Media- 7 Tips for Getting the Most out of Your Campaigns

Guest Post by: Maria Pergolino

Recent news stories about Social Media being bigger than email as well as the recent beta release of Google Wave have made marketers rethink their email strategies, but should we really be moving our email efforts to social media? And if not, should they be kept apart, or can they truly work in unison?

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Why Didn't GM Use 'Harry Potter Marketing'?

I was driving to the local baseball field this week (very slowly–there’s a townwide sidewalk construction project underway and every street is a work zone). Coming the other way was a big Cadillac driven by someone in the Cadillac market sweet spot–a 75-year-old guy. Which got me wondering about Cadillac and GM’s restructuring and the flashy, angular Caddies they’ve been selling for the past 10 years. The guy I saw was driving an older Seville, long and smoother, a real Caddy.

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Buyer Behavior in a Recession

by: Jon Miller

Despite some signs of an improving economy, understanding techniques for marketing in a recession is still on the mind of almost every marketer I speak with.

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Expert Advice for B2B Marketing: The Top 5 Tips from Our Thought Leaders

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Two Free Reports on the Brand Agency Disconnect

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10 Tips for 360° Marketing - Metallica vs Yael Naim: Steamroller vs Word of Mouth

Guest Post by: Frédéric Baffou 

Procter & Gamble, Coca Cola or Nike are experts in steamroller approach when it comes to a worldwide product launch.

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Shotgun + Sustainable

by: David Armano

Heather, our head of business development walked into my office with a problem. She wanted to show two types of marketing strategies visually, and so we took to the white board and came up with this. Looking at it I knew right away that I was biased toward one of these approaches—the sustainable type. Think Nike + vs. the Dove Real Beauty video.

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Goodness & Happiness (2)

I've been mulling the subject of what it means for business to be more generous for some time. I've written a couple of posts on it, but I figured it was time I gathered it all together and put down something more coherent. When I started writing, somehow it ended up as a presentation, but that's no bad thing.

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