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Lateral Thinking: Use Social Media Monitoring to Study Your Audience and Prospects

Guest Post by: Monica Shaw

Last year we worked on an interesting project with Bushmills Whiskey who were producing a marketing campaign called “Bushmills Brothers”. Their goal: get more young guys choosing Bushmills as their drink of choice when out on the town with their mates.

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Is Our Obsession with Facebook Increasing?

Guest Post by: Dhiren (Marketing Sentinel)

According to this video it most certainly is; however, why do these videos not come directly from Facebook? This is impeccable marketing material and the information design – although not technically accurate – is very engaging.

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London Fashion Week: Competitions Steal the Limelight

Guest Post by: Dhiren (Market Sentinel)

This year’s London Fashion Week was the most interactive yet. Bloggers gained prominent seats at the event, the official website hosted video highlights, attendees tweeted using hash tags, and designers used their own Facebook pages to communicate with their fans.

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Sociability: A New Social Media Metric

Guest Post by: Monica (Market Sentinel)

Social media companies are attempting to solve one of many digital planning dilemmas with new social media metrics that measure “how social” a brand, company or topic is on the web.

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