The Wrong Tale: A Checklist for Long-Tail Implementations

by: Guy Kawasaki 

1. Make everything available.
2. Help me find it.
Chris Anderson, The Long Tail

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MyHealthspace: Forget dating, we're dying here!

by: John Sviokla

Many years ago, there were a few influential academic articles that predicted that the coming web of information technology would cause more activities to be performed in a market, not within the walls of the firm. 

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Sneak Preview: Beyond Marketing: In Praise of Societing by Bernard Cova, Olivier Badot, Ampelio Bucci

by: Yann Gourvennec

Beyond Marketing: In Praise of Societing

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Market and Non-Market Co-Creation

by: Chris Lawer

It is important to identify that co-creation is not just about firms improving their social marketing, open innovation, community-building and learning efforts to generate new proprietary and valuable knowledge with/from their customers.

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