Journey Maps: Not an Exercise in Futility

Today's post is a modified version of a post I originally published on Touchpoint Dashboard's blog on February 4, 2015.

One of the arguments against journey mapping I often hear is that it's an exercise in futility: You map. You put it on the wall. And nothing changes. To that I answer: "You're doing it all wrong."

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Five Things To Remember When Mapping the Customer's Journey

Here's a couple of things that, in my experience, you probably best stickto a wall in the room where you are painting the picture of your Customer's Journey. Somehow we seem to forget when busy. Let me know what you think, or add yours in the comment section below!

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You Can't Transform Something You Don't Understand

Why is journey mapping important?

I kicked off 2015 in a big way. Isn't that what a new year is all about?! Every year is a new year to get it right - on a personal or professional level and/or on an organizational improvement level, i.e., employee and customer experience.

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Mapping the New Age of Augmented Travel

Ever wanted to travel back in time to your favorite city and imagine how it actually existed hundreds of years ago? Or hear the stories of a city's residents in their own words while going for a stroll through historical neighborhoods? The new age of augmented travel, which integrates geo-location technologies with historical maps and rich multimedia content into a sort of geo-temporal human Web, promises the global traveler (as well as the armchair historian) the opportunity to interact with the physical surroundings of cities around the world in fundamentally new ways.

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Web Shows What We Have Chosen to Care about

by: Lynette Webb

I’ve always been fascinated by efforts to map cyberspace… most maps seem to focus on the physical network connections but the ones I find the most interesting are those that try to map the diversity and connections between content. This quote nicely articulates why.

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The Almost Forgotten Experience of Getting Lost in Physical Space

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Universal McCann POV on Mapvertising

by: Ilya Vedrashko

I've posted a lot in the past year about advertising on maps, and now Universal McCann published a nice round-up on the topic (direct link to pdf).

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Visualisation of Music Collections

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Like Flickr? Try Mappr.

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