Malcolm Gladwell

Sometimes It's Good to Be Third

When I first started working in digital back in the time of the dot-com bubble, many people obsessed about so-called 'first mover advantage'. Within the context provided by the digital goldrush of the time, the thinking went that if you arrived first with your innovation, you could plant your flag and rapidly attain a lead over competitors that was unassailable.

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Digital Activism: The Revolution Will Be Tweeted

Guest Post by:  Eli (Market Sentinel)

Malcolm Gladwell makes a convincing case that high-risk activism depends on real-world relationships, but he ignores the value of social media for changing popular consciousness.

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The Invisible Gorilla

Review: The Invisible Gorilla: And Other Ways Our Intuitions Deceive Us, by Christopher Chabris and Daniel Simons

Before reading farther, watch this video if you haven’t already seen it:

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The Way Things Spread (the Opposite of What Gladwell Suggests)

by: Scott Goodson

The word is Mark Earls is Malcolm Gladwell on Speed. Last year, he wrote a book called "Herd: How to Change Mass Behavior by Harnessing Our True Nature" available here.

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Malcolm Gladwell's New Book: Outliers

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Targeting Influencers With Virals 'Doesn't Work'

by: Mark Rogers

Duncan Watts is a Yahoo researcher who has done detailed work looking at the best strategy to launch a viral campaign - the kind of campaign which is aimed at getting the consumer to pass the idea along. Watts compares campaigns which targeted viral communications via “influentials” in the social network with campaigns which simply seeded the viral in the maximum number of places in the network. Watts found that the latter was a more effective way of launching a campaign.

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Malcolm Gladwell on Innovation 'Multiples'

by: Dominic Basulto

Malcolm Gladwell returns to the pages of The New Yorker with a story about "innovation multiples" -- independent discoveries or inventions that occurred at the same time, but in different places.

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No Female Business Gurus? Try this List

by: John Caddell

There was a fun article today in the Wall Street Journal that ranked the top business gurus by citation, Google hits and media mentions. Familiar names, like Gary Hamel, Malcolm Gladwell and Thomas Friedman are in the top 5.

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