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Do Loyalty Programs and Cards Create True Customer Loyalty?

Guest Post by: Paul Aas, Loyalty Group 

As a loyalty professional, potential clients often tell me that "we're in control of our Customers and their Loyalty; - we have a program for that!" They couldn't be more off!

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The Fatal Flaw in Loyalty Programs (And How to Minimize Damage)

Loyalty and rewards programs can be great motivators. When a business rewards the behavior they want from their customers – say, giving them a free coffee after they consume nine – they encourage that behavior. The most potent loyalty programs go beyond mere periodic freebies and confer status.
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Social Media Perks – How @ChilternRailway Rewards Its Regular Customers

Guest Post by: Jon Stokes

Earlier this year I wrote about how Chiltern Railways were using twitter for customer service.

Aside from their responsive Twitter account, I was also impressed by the company’s use of foursquare to reward the “mayor” of Marylebone station with the privilege of switching on the Christmas lights –  an innovative way to recognise a loyal customer.

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When Loyalty Points Beat Price Differences

Every merchant seems to have a loyalty program these days. It makes sense to reward customers for their patronage and encourage even greater frequency. But, it appears there’s one kind of loyalty reward that may be more effective. One study showed that “irrelevant information” (in this case, largely valueless loyalty points) changed consumer buying decisions.

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Christmas in June

Toys R Us has announced a holiday layaway plan for shoppers, and I think it's one of the smartest new ideas I've heard in a long time...even if it's an old one.

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