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Playing the Long Game

As an interesting addendum to the post below I came across this Quora answer from an ex-Amazon employee to the question 'What allows Amazon to be so innovative?'. Alongside mentions of visionary leadership, entrepreneurial culture and future-focused approach, there is of-course talk of the relentless customer focus for which Amazon is famed (and the 'working back from the customer' approach that I've mentioned before).

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Design Thinking and Growth: What’s the Connection? Why Do We Need Growth?

The Harvard Design Thinking Seminar was a great one. High quality participants and great turn out with beautiful New York City spring weather. Lunch on the rooftop is way better than a banquet room or a faculty's dining hall. No place on earth can beat the view of New York City. So much energy and creativity.

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Fight Impulse, Imagine the Future

Many of the decisions we make are guided by some kind of reward. Do I go through the McDonalds drive-thru window and get a burger and fries that will light my brain up like a Christmas tree, or do I delay eating until my planned meal-time and consume something healthy?

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The Loyalty Open Definition Experiment: Lessons Learned

I have made adjustments to the way I think about Loyalty.

I want to thank everyone for participating, reading, commenting, and for providing very thoughtful point-of-views that I had not considered before. I went through all the comments and summarized them into six lessons learned:

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CEOs Not Seeing CSR as Driver of Long-term Success

by: Jennifer Rice

In reading PWC's 12th Annual Global CEO Study, I found the chart on "drivers of long-term success" during the downturn to be insightful on how CEOs view corporate social responsibility.

Specifically, while 63% rate brand strength and reputation as critical to success, CSR falls to the bottom of the pack with only 20% perceiving it as critical.

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Toyota Manages Suppliers for the Long Run

by: John Caddell


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