Do Logos Matter Anymore?

A recent study asked people to draw logos of well-known brands from memory. Most of them failed, but does it matter?

The study, which prompted drawings that ranged from nutty my-four-year-old-did-it, to the occasional picture perfect rendering, was conducted by signs.com, which is in the sign-making business. It was a brilliant PR stunt that got covered in Adweek, New York Times, and Daily Mail.

I’m not sure it tells us anything about logos, though. At least not directly.

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Logo You Don't

Gap announced a new logo on October 4, and a week later retracted it with a promise to keep the old one. The chorus of vociferous customer disdain for the new design was topped only by the branding experts who vilified it. So the market spoke, aided in large part by social media, and Gap responded. And that's that.

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Art Project Removes Logos from Videos, Photos

"Unlogo is a web service that eliminates logos and other corporate signage from videos." An art project by Jeff Crouse, it is, technically speaking, "an FFMPEG AVFilter that attempts to block out corporate logos using OpenCV 2.1 and an awesome 'plugin' framework for FFMPEG." Unlogo is open sourced; its code-in-progress is available here.

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When Consumption Isn’t Conspicuous

Marketers know that a key element in many purchases is to signal something about the buyer. A Toyota Prius, for example, says that its owner is concerned about the environment. Expensive luxury brands let the world know the buyer has discriminating taste, and, more importantly, has plenty of money.

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Can the BP Brand Be Saved? The Logo Is Now the Symbol of the Worst Ecological Disaster in Decades.

This BP mess is definitely an ecological disaster as well as a brand disaster of the century and it will take us decades to see the real impact. BP has lost half of its market value and there are even considerations for shareholder lawsuits on behalf of BP investors who have lost money because of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

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Form Follows Assumption?

McDonald's is going to change its logo in Germany, casting its iconographic golden arches against a green background to envoke its respect for the environment. I can't decide if the idea is irrelevant or insane. Or both.

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The Future of the Industrial Design Discipline

by: Design Translator

Every once a while I like to look back to see what sort of trend predictions research companies made, that have come true. In 2002, some clever researches from British Telecom published in BTexec that in 5 years time, ie 2007, lifestyle brands will dominate. I must say unlike many other predictions these researchers were right on the money.

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