How Mobile Apps Keep Shoppers’ Footprint Local

Today, many are touting the benefits of buying locally produced products because — all else being equal — these products have less of an environmental footprint because they travel shorter distances to market. Yet, there has been less attention paid to how far shoppers travel to make their purchases — and the opportunity to reduce their environmental impact when doing so.

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Why B2B Companies Should Use Foursquare

Guest Post by: Maria Pergolino

The explosion of social media has effects far beyond how B2Bs market. Companies everywhere struggle with the question of how to manage their B2B social media efforts and along with that, how much access they should allow their employees to social media while on the job.

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Starbucks 3.0 – A Retail Experience

(This is the second in a mini-series of reviews of retail concepts that have caught my eye. Yesterday I introduced 77kids in Times Square, today it’s Starbucks in Seattle, and tomorrow will review one last example of what makes a store more than a store – a real experience.)

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Cross-cultural Video Gaming

The video game industry might have a market that spans the globe, but that’s not to say that the same game will sell in the same form in, say, Germany and Malaysia. There’s a lot that goes into localizing a game for foreign audiences – from translation and rewiring hotkeys, to cultural preferences and visual understanding.

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Why Web2.0 Matters: Preparing for Glocalization

by: danah boyd

Recently, i found myself needing to explain Web2.0. Unfortunately, here's a term that has been hyped up in all sorts of ways with no collectively understood definition.

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