Brand Experience Brief: Lego

(Here’s my newest Brand Experience Brief — insights and analysis from my audits of new and interesting retail or restaurant concepts.)

It’s always interesting to see how product companies create retail experiences for their brands.  That’s why I’m eager to share my download on the LEGO store.  It’s a solid experience for the LEGO brand, but they missed some opportunities to make it even more engaging.  Take a look and let me know if you agree:

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Social Media Case Study: LEGO CLICK

LEGO is a brand that many people are very passionate about, a brand people love and we’ve written before about how they use segmentation to engage their consumer base from children to enthusiasts in an innovative way. Now they have continued their innovative approaches to engagement and embraced social media. In a big way.

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LEGO Is the Coolest Toy Ever

If you ever had any doubts at all that LEGO was the coolest toy ever this video will rock your mind. Talk about some late night grinding. It took 1500 hours to make the LEGO creations for this video.

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Engage Different Consumers in Different Ways - Why Segmentation Is Key

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Serious Games And Blended Learning

by: Eliane Alhadeff

Blended Learning involves the use of multiple learning environments - usually some combination of physical/face-to-face and online/virtual approaches.

In the strictest sense, blended learning is when an instructor combines two methods of delivery of instruction. However, this term most often applies to the use of technology on instruction.

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Lego Factory (LONG TAIL)

by: Lynette Webb

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Image is a screengrab. 

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