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Radical Continuity: What Any Retailer Can Learn from Nordstrom

I’m coming to believe every good is a convenience good. A recent New York Times article reported that Nordstrom has integrated their in-store inventory with their online supply, meaning that anyone can get access to the entire inventory from any “location” — a physical store or online. They also report that Nordstrom’s management believes that this “innovation” has helped change their same store sales from a “negative growth” (don’t you love that term!) of 11.9% to a positive growth of 9%.

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Starbucks and 'Lean Retailing' Innovation

Throughout 2009, Starbucks has been making waves about how much it is changing in response to new consumer spending patterns.

First, it was the announcement that it planned to revisit the pricing of its coffee and baked goods and go back to basics with the re-introduction of Pike's Place coffee.

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