'Tribes' Seth Godin's New Book Is off

by: Scott Goodson

Something is happening out there that is making it easier for anyone to lead a popular movement that can influence millions and millions of people to follow you.

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How to Tell if Your CEO Is Clueless

by: Guy Kawasaki

Pontificating, theorizing, and terrorizing abounds these days in tech startups. Here is a simple test to help you figure out if the startup you work for is in trouble. All you have to do is listen to your CEO talk to people for a week and determine if she uses these lines.

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Corporate Change #2 - Why Are Companies So Inwardly Focused?

by: John Caddell

In part 1 of this series, we discussed one key reason companies fail to change even though it's vital: the inability to, using John Kotter's term, "bring the outside in." In other words, companies don't choose to look outside their walls to see what's happening around them, assess the implications, and absorb that into their strategies, products and operations.

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Best Practices

by: Sigurd Rinde

[Warning, I've been here before but some things are persistent so I have to repeat, sorry]

Skidded over to the website of one of the large enterprise software companies today to check some new stuff they're launching.

And lo and behold, they're still pushing

best practices.

Now, who the heck wants that?

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A Secret Plot to Make Big Business Followers Instead of Leaders

by: Sigurd Rinde

Every now and then I stop to actually read what corporate websites says. Today I did a couple of Enterprise Software sites to see what the leaders in this area are doing to their clients.

Note: Enterprise software is after all the backbone of most large corporations so I suspect the attitude of those backbone-suppliers will tell me a lot about the path big business is taking towards the future.

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Is Your Boss an Asshole?

By: Guy Kawasaki

Question: How many bosses does it take to screw in a light bulb?

Answer: One. He holds up the light bulb and expects the universe to revolve around him.

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Ten Questions with Polly LaBarre

by: Guy Kawasaki

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Just Do it

by: David Armano

Creative Generalist points us to great find.  If you don't have time to watch the video, the points below are worth reading doing.

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Neuroscience, Leadership, and Marketing

by: Roger Dooley

Stephanie West Allen, who writes the Idealawg blog (there are at least a couple of puns in that clever title), forwarded a link to an interesting article, The Neuroscience of Leadership.

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Uncomfortable Truths (Part One)

By: Alain Thys

These days, it's very fashionable to talk about things like Net Promoter Scores, Touchpoint Marketing and Employees that Live the Brand....

After all, we're -- once again -- finding out that it's the employees of the organization that ultimately define the customer's satisfaction with our products and services.

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