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Question of the Week: My Non-designer Boss Thinks I Suck!

by: Design Translator

This question of the week by reader Jane is delayed, in fact much delayed. Apologies as I have been caught up with work! She writes:

I’ve been working at a product design company for almost a year and a half. Meeting new friends, colleagues, clients, manufacturer and people from different walks of life has been so fun and it has certainly kept me going for so long. Notice I did not mention my boss at all, well he does not have a design background.

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Bridging The Language Gap: Who Cares about My Design?

by: Design Translator

Designer: We designers need to loosen up.

Me: Yeah? How so?

Designer: We are taking our design work too seriously. Our clients just take our designs at face value.

Me (In a philosophical voice): This organic form reflects the beauty of natural elements that are found in plants and nature…

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