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Facebook’s Graph Search Makes It Official: You Are Its Product

With Tuesday’s announcement of Graph Search, Facebook has confirmed what we’ve known all along: we users aren’t there to enjoy content as much as we are the content. That means we’re the products it intends to monetize.

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Why 2013 Will Look Like 1613, And What It Means For Marketing

Unrestrained commerce. Soapboxes for every possible voice. Loud, endless arguments. False identities. Hidden agendas. Regulators chasing after the latest innovation. People thrown together in explosively novel, sometimes threatening ways, in a place where the rules of normal society don’t seem to apply.

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The Branding Secrets Of The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones will stream the last performance of their One More Shot tour tomorrow night via Pay-Per-View. Conservatively estimated to be their 41st tour, not counting endless small or local shows like the practice gigs they played in Paris as prep for this go-around, the band has been playing together for 50 years.

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How I’d Spend $1.5 Billion To Sell Windows 8

The rumors are that Microsoft is planning to spend between $1.5 and $1.8 billion marketing its newest operating system, Windows 8. It’s a fair guesstimate that we’ll get lots of glossy ads, tons of “content” on social platforms, and pretty much every other trick and tool that a veritably endless amount of money will buy. Some of the stuff will win awards at industry conferences, and some of it will get dinged for being useless.

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Titanic, Meet Iceberg

The ANA’s Masters of Marketing Conference (just concluded Saturday in Orlando, Florida) delivered four days chocked full of advertisers in front of other advertisers advertising their advertising.

Doesn’t that sound like an accident waiting to happen?

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The Real Mobile Opportunity

I was on a podcast panel a few weeks ago and we got to debate whether coupons were the killer app for mobile marketing. I said I didn’t think so, though the idea is certainly valid and lucrative The real mobile opportunity, however, makes coupons look like a Foursquare check-in.

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Elegant Goth Lolita

Earlier this month, a guest contributor to the blog Racialicious accused Victoria’s Secret of “fetishizing” Asian women because it packaged a mesh teddy with a matching fan, hair chopsticks, and faux geisha obi belt (pictured on an Anglo model). The predictable social coverage swarm ensued, and now the product has disappeared from the company’s site.

I can’t decide if I’m inspired or depressed by the news.

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From Empowerment to Abandonment

My networked, always-on life just hit a wall, and it has given me a chance to consider how quickly and completely digital experience can go from feelings of empowerment to feeling utterly abandoned.

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Why Not?

There are certain marketing tactics that drive me nuts, and one of them is using any excuse to capture attention. So I regularly rail against stunts like Old Spice’s viral videos, which I liken to purposeful car wrecks on the side of the purchase funnel road. Its latest — Muscle Music, which features a guy getting his muscles shocked as if his body were playing a song — has accrued 7 million views on Vimeo and almost a million on Facebook.

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When Marketers Give Up

Vermont’s tourism folks have decided to give up promoting their state to a rotating cadre of residents who’ll tweet whatever they please, following the broad outlines of Sweden’s experiment doing the same earlier this year. Social media evangelists praised both campaigns as “bold experiments” that recognized the immense potential of social interaction.

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