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How Mosaic brings cleantech investing to the masses

Have I got a deal for you: Invest as little as $25, or as much as you want, in clean-energy projects. Earn a princely 6.38 percent interest annually for the next five years. Make the world a better place.

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Newsweek's 2012 Green Rankings: This Time It's Serious

The latest Green Rankings from Newsweek are out today, and while there aren’t any show-stopping changes from last year, at least at the top of the list, this year’s rankings represent the first meaningful, apples-to-apples comparison of company performance in the rankings’ four-year history.

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The Report Report: Products, Packaging, CFOs, Cleantech, and More

Perhaps it’s seasonal, but the past few weeks have seen a gusher of studies, surveys, analyses, and reports from a wide range of organizations, including three of the Big 4 accounting firms. I’ve perused the latest crop and summarized six of them below.

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CSR at 20: An interview with BSR's Aron Cramer

Corporate social responsibility is entering its third decade as a mainstream business movement, at least as measured by the history of BSR, the organization formed in 1992 as Business for Social Responsibility, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary. It's a good time to take stock — of the organization, the movement, and the trends shaping its future.

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How Trucks Are Changing for the Long Haul

Forget the Volt, the Leaf, the Prius, even the Tesla. An entirely different transportation revolution is happening when it comes to big rigs.

In recent years, commercial truck fleets have begun changing course, steering toward next-gen technologies that embrace electric, hybrid-electric, and other fuels instead of petro-based diesel, and innovative drive-train technologies. It’s a development that’s born partly of concerns about carbon emissions and other pollutants, but increasingly about mitigating the risk that comes from volatile and unpredictable fuel prices.

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Facebook Shares Its Carbon Footprint

Facebook today revealed for the first time information about its carbon footprint, citing the "power of openness." The data, covering the energy use for its data centers and global offices, reflects both the company's efforts to reduce energy use and increase renewable energy consumption, as well as the challenges it faces to steadily improve those efforts.

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Can Companies Grow, and Profit, With No Impact?

One of the Big 4 accounting firms has been noodling the idea that we can create an economic model "that allows 9-10 billion people to live in harmony with nature and in well-being." One might reasonably conclude that they've been sniffing a little too much red ink.

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Why Sustainability Execs Should Shun the S-word

It seems that the most effective thing sustainability executives in large companies can do is to stop talking about sustainability.

That's my takeaway from a new report, published today, by VOX Global, Weinreb Group Sustainability Recruiting and the UC Berkeley chapter of Net Impact.

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What's the value of surveys to companies? Just ask

Q: Responding to the mushrooming number of surveys sent to companies by their customers and stakeholders is:

a) a distraction from the daily business of sustainability professionals

b) the price of doing business in the age of transparency

c) a valuable catalyst for creating change inside companies

d) all of the above

A. I’m going to go with D.

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Video: What business learned at Rio+20

My five-day visit to Rio+20 was a nonstop affair, a morning-til-wee-hours parade of meetings, meals, speaking, and more meetings. (Oh, and some drinking and dancing.) Along the way, I caught up with a dozen or so business and NGO executives for some quick, 3-minute video interviews to learn why they attended, what they were learning, and what they saw as the opportunity for business coming out of Rio+20.

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