CX Journey™ Musings: Skill Trumps Passion (or Does It?)

When making career decisions, are you a believer in the "follow your passion" mantra or are you on team "be so good they can't ignore you?"

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PwC Has Found the Solution to Greece's Problem - Get More Older Workers

I couldn't help but see this headline in the Daily Telegraph: "Older workers could provide £100bn economic boost, says PwC".

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Neuromarketing Careers

Are you looking for a career in neuromarketing, or as some prefer to call it, consumer neuroscience? How should you pursue that goal? Is such a goal even a good idea? I’ll try to provide answers, or at least some information that will let you arrive at your own answers.

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Pop-Up Human Capital: A New Employment Model?

Around the world, it's becoming easier than ever to sell your human capital - the sum total of your knowledge, experiences and talents - to the highest bidder. Using new P2P marketplaces like Sidetour and Gidsy, you can sell a lifetime’s worth of experiences and memories the same way you might sell a pair of used shoes. Using educational marketplaces like Skillshare, you can sell your esoteric knowledge to people with an interest in a specific topic.

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5 Examples of Job Hunting with Social Media

Guest Post by: George Cathcart

Job hunting in the age of social media can be a difficult thing to do. Trying to differentiate yourself in the sea of voices created by social makes it harder to stand out from the crowd and throwing a few pictures at the top of your CV isn’t quite going to cut it any more.

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In Japan, Even Robots Are Affected by Continuing Job Losses

by: Idris Mootee

Here's the view form the 51F of Roppongi Hills Club. I have lunches with some old friends here in Tokyo and talking about the challenges technologies companies are facing here. Many things have changed since I worked here in the early 80s. One thing that has not changed here in Japan, the country still has a pretty formal attire culture for business much like London. They are slow in adopting the dressing down trend, probably 5 years behind America.

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20 Tips for Designers to Beat the Recession

by: Design Translator

This article was originally published on Yanko Design. As I know some Design Sojourn readers don’t really frequent YD, I thought it might be a good idea to republish it here as well. I have also re-edited some of the text to make it more relevant to DS readers. Enjoy!

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Will Green Jobs Become the New Greenwash?

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Advice on Finding a New Job

by: Jonathan Salem Baskin

I read an interesting article in yesterday's New York Times on how job applicants can cover-up a "job-hopping" history. I just don't understand why it would matter.

Aren't all the rules pretty much moot by now?

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How to Escape Corporate America

by: Guy Kawasaki

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