Live TV and Real-time Chat: X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing

Watching TV is almost always a social experience.  We talk to the people in the room with us. We talk to our friends on the phone, by instant messenger or on Facebook. We talk to people with similar interests in forums and chat rooms. Some of us even just shout at the TV on our own. However we do it, TV often makes us want to talk, share opinions and express ourselves. And some TV programmes make us want to do this more than others.

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Alternate Media Distribution Games - 03 Milia 2007 Vignettes

by: Gary Hayes

A great 3rd day at Milia and a much broader spectrum of issues discussed around the many Milia halls. It started with the world’s most advanced broadband nation with Dr. Hyun-Oh Yoo giving us a rare insight into the worlds most culturally integrated social network – Cyworld in South Korea.

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ITV are launching mobile coupons

by: Lynette Webb 

OK, so this hasn’t launched yet. But the fact that ITV are serious enough about doing it to have announced it publicly is interesting.

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